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kendrab32 asked:
Just wanted to share with you that I am Pisces sun Virgo moon and rising as well!

My soul twin! How would you describe yourself with that combination?

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Zodiac Expressions of Rage
  • ♈ Aries: Violent outbursts, verbal aggression (at times physical), wall punching, volatile impulsivity, confrontation, temper tantrums, complete ego centrism, impatience, nerves, hyperactivity, Aries will calm down the quickest after rage
  • ♉ Taurus: Confrontational, aggressive (verbally), expect a tongue lashing, overwhelming feelings of rage, anxiety, temper tantrums, vindictive thoughts and compulsive/indulgent behaviour (cleaning/over eating). Taurus will take the longest to calm down from rage
  • ♊ Gemini: Violent and volatile outbursts, physical tantrums - such as kicking in a door or screaming blue murder, followed then complete dissociation/sense of calm and amnesia, nerves and anxiety, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, expect the dual 'twin' to emerge, confusion
  • ♋ Cancer: Verbal outbursts, trembling, shaking, tears, anxiety, ruminating thoughts, stomach pain and digestive discomfort, sweating, can find it hard to express words, isolation
  • ♌ Leo: Temperamental outbursts, theatrics, dramatic displays of emotions - sobbing, screaming, hysteria, hostile, confrontational, firm and hurtful language, challenging
  • ♍ Virgo: Tremors/shaking, racing thoughts, increased compulsions (cleaning, hair twirling), cold and aloof, uncharacteristic violence, breaking objects, hyperactivity, inability to sit still, Virgo can hold onto their anger for quite long periods
  • ♎ Libra: Expect them to scream blue murder and become verbally hostile, nerves, tremors, racing thoughts, detached, irrationality, self isolation, rejection, loss of emotional control
  • ♏ Scorpio: Hostility, persecutory delusions, thoughts of revenge, violence (physical and verbal) overwhelming feelings of rage and violence, firm but hurtful words, confrontational, breaking belongings, lose touch with reality/irrationality
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Violent impulsivity, verbal aggression, hurtful outbursts, they tend to become tongue tied when they are angry, can burst into laughter inappropriately, make life changing decisions
  • ♑ Capricorn: Clear expression of frustration, shaking, verbal outbursts and aggression, compulsive behaviour (cleaning, organising belongings), exhaustion, isolation, loss of emotional control
  • ♒ Aquarius: Violent and volatile outbursts (verbal, physical - such as kicking in a door) then complete dissociation and amnesia, rapid thoughts, hyperactivity, confusion with interpreting the emotions
  • ♓ Pisces: Pisces can yell in loud voices and use some hurtful verbal quips, tendency to escape from their own bodies, anxiety, irrationality, dramatization, self isolation, overwhelming uncomfortable emotions, crying, loss of emotional control
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It’s interesting and fun that Astronomical words and planets are used for street names. If you are an Astrologer you would probably avoid living in Mars Street because there could be a lot of commotion. Maybe Leo Lane would be be blessed with beautiful sunny weather, and Venus Way full of newlyweds. One never sees streets named after Psychological terms? You never see a street called Dementia or Paranoid Place or even Anxiety Avenue. 
What “street” would you be drawn to live in based on an Astrological word?  Would an 8th house person be drawn to Astral Avenue? or a 9th house to Milky Way? As a writer, I think I would go with number 5 Mercury Place. 
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Click here to find out how you get along sexually with every Sun sign!

Do you know who you’re compatible with sexually? It’s worth knowing! Click above!

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Today is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese live by a Lunar Calendar so their New Year begins at 12 Midnight tonight on the 31st January. Their year is 4712. This year will be the year of the Horse. The Chinese zodiac goes by the year you were born rather than the month. What is your Chinese zodiac sign? Below is a description of the Chinese zodiac signs.
RatA bit of a charmer, the rat is usually welcome anywhere; however, generally has few close friends. The rat is intelligent, quick-witted and hardworking. Somewhat ambitious, with a tendency to be frivolous with material possessions. The rat is strongly family oriented, enjoys thrills but is easily bored. A little insecure and can lack boldness. The rat is an opportunist who lives for the moment and rarely plans for the future. All rats have a propensity for aggression; however, this is seldom expressed physically, but rather in fretting over details and being overly concerned about trivialities. The always thrifty Rat, counts their pennies and knows how to spot a bargain. Impatient with those of slower wit or actions, this soul needs a bright partner willing to lend an ear with a good sense of humor. The talkative Rat is also a natural writer and critic with an eye for details.
OxAlso known as the Buffalo, the ox is both patient and meticulous with strong principles, and as such tends to be very stubborn. The ox is extrememly strong, and an excellent worker. However, these traits also make the ox stubborn, and their sense of self reliance makes it difficult for them to ask for or to receive assistance. Don’t go looking for an evening of scintilating conversation from an ox as they are poor conversationists, and unfortunately don’t have much of a sense of humour either. Oxen are ruled by conviction, and they are not often swayed from their beliefs. The ox’s ability to criticise others for their own shortcomings is well known. The ox is not very good at coping with its emotions, and can become introverted and self-destructive when they fail to find a way of expressing their feelings.
TigerThe tiger is adventurous, confident and enthusiastic. Because of this they are often successful in their chosen careers. Tigers are excellent at seeing problems, but not so good at finding solutions. They tend to rush in without sufficient consideration. Their strong sense of independence means that they hate to take orders. Tigers often go to extraordinary lengths to prove themselves, and hate to be ignored. They are often noticed, and as such tend to rise to prominent positions. However, tigers rarely make it to the very top, preferring to be second in command. Romantically, tigers are somewhat reckless, and can risk everything in pursuit of their heart’s desires. As a friend they are extremely generous, and tend to give everything all at once. However, lasting friendships are few and far between. Excellent as parents, tigers teach their children by example.
RabbitThe rabbit is very sensitive, lucky, smart and creative. Their creativity extends to a love of all things beautiful, and accordingly they place great value on establising a beautiful home. This combines with a good nose for a bargain, to make rabbits ‘collectors’ of beautiful things. The love of beauty is also expressed in their dress sense, and female rabbits are said to have wonderful hair. The rabbit is reserved and discreet, not particularly caring for the troubles of the world. Rabbits have an aversion to suffering which often means that they will shut out the cruelties of the real world, and retreat to their home and families. The rabbit is a good listener, and this, combined with its discretion makes it an excellent shoulder to cry on, as well as a very good diplomat. Strategists by nature, rabbits will set a plan and follow it through. They are not given to acting on impulse. The rabbit prefers a routined lifestyle that only changes slowly over time. In business, they keep their word and avoid making promises they can’t keep.
DragonDragons have strong personalities. They are self -assured and confident in their own abilities. They do not suffer fools easily, and become impatient with people who they perceive throw in the towel too readily: for their own part, they can put up quite a fight. Dragons are honest, and often speak their minds, even when this is not appropriate. They are popular if somewhat inconsistent, full of energy, charismatic and colourful, strong, enthusiastic and inspiring. The dragon is averse to any form of routine, preferring the freedom to pursue his or her own agenda. Should a dragon feel imprisoned either mentally or physically they will become very erratic. Once in decline, a dragon tends to become lazy, fat and bitter. The outspoken nature of the dragon, and their tunnel vision may make him or her appear brash. However, by nature the dragon is a romantic.
SnakeThe snake is a great thinker and philosopher, but conversely often makes decisions purely based upon intuition. Snakes are charming people with a strong sense of responsibility and a good sense of humour. On the downside the snake is a bit of a miser, and doesn’t like to spend money. The snake is endowed with immense intuition, and is somewhat enigmatic. Graceful and soft-spoken, the snake is a lover of the arts, fine books, food, music, the theatre. The snake has a natural penchant for the finer things in life. Snakes are famous for their beautiful skin and good looks. The snake has the annoying habit of shunning advice and relying on their own counsel - annoying because, more often than not, they are correct! Snakes make good teachers and although somewhat ill-disciplined themselves, require obedience and discipline both in the home as well as in the workplace.
HorseHorses are hardworking people who are generally well liked and admired. As well as working hard, they play hard. Horses are independent, and are well known for their individuality. They intuitively gravitate towards tasks to which they are well suited. This, together with their hard working nature invariably leads to success. The horse is a strong masculine sign, and both male and female horses are fairly laid back and easy going, while at the same time being direct. Asked for an opinion, the horse will give it, and where factual matters are concerned, the horse is a good source of reliable information. The horse is a placid person; however, if their passions are brought to the boil, the result is not easily forgotten - wild horses are hard to calm down. In the home the horse is a steady partner, although they are likely to give as much attention to their work as to their families. Horses easily fall in love, but there are many passing relationships before a long-term partner is found.
SheepAlso known as the Goat and the Ram, The Sheep is a gentle person, caring and compassionate. They are quiet when hurt, are strongly family oriented and born under the sign of art, love and beautiful things. The sheep is the most feminine of the twelve animal signs. Sheep are thought by the Chinese to be harbingers of peace. Sheep are pacifist by nature, only becoming militant in order to restore harmony, and are quick to react against conflict to bring peace. Sheep love the good life, and their dislike for aggression and love for peace stems more from their love of fine things and the realisation that to enjoy these things, peace is required. As aesthetic people, rams love to make a show of things. They make ideal performers, and are seldom bashful in front of a crowd - indeed, rams thrive when all eyes are turned on them. They have a strong tendency to roam, and for this reason need guidance, or in extreme cases, tethering!
MonkeyCharming, cheeky, mischievous and ingenious, monkeys have little respect for authority, and often find themselves in trouble. Monkeys are born under the sign of fantasy and of all the twelve signs, monkeys are the nearest to mankind. Monkeys are blessed with great intelligence, and having a high regard for knowledge, they are capable of thinking through even the most complex problems. Monkeys are not the best business people in the world. They are opportunistic, and often end up chasing profits rather than following through any business strategy. However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing. A powerful memory coupled with a cool temperament when under pressure all give the monkey extremely strong survival skills. The Chinese warn that the charm of the monkey, together with its tendency to fantasise can result in them telling extraordinary tales which you end up believing, however improbable. This helps them get out of difficult situations, and often helps them escape punishment for their mischief. The monkey is a bit of a thrill seeker, and is always looking for a new experience. As such they find long term relationships somewhat elusive.
RoosterRoosters are organised, excellent time keepers and hard workers. They are faithful as friends, and very strongly family oriented. Despite this they can be somewhat headstrong, and not a little arrogant in giving advice, particularly of the sort that is not asked for! Although outwardly showy, at heart the rooster is somewhat insecure, by nature conservative and old fashioned. The Chinese believe there are two types of rooster characters. The first is the sunrise/sunset rooster. Born during the sunset or sunrise hours, these are extrovert roosters who live for the moment. Money is seen as functional, its function being for spending - and they will spend with abandon. They are no strangers to overdrafts. The other group, those born outside of the sunrise/sunset ours, are the opposite. Very tight-fisted, they will go to the supermarket just before closing to find the items that have been reduced in price. They save money with great determination, only to squander it in an unguarded moment. Of all the signs they are the most outspoken and blunt. . Roosters enjoy keeping records and are forever writing notes on bits of paper which are then filed and put away. They also tend to build castles in the air, which leads to another prominent feature of their personality; to promise more than they can deliver. A little short of initiative at times, once Roosters find a task that fits their rigid temperament nothing will stand in a Roosters way. Although blunt, the roosters honesty makes for stable relationships. Their tendency to point out faults in other sometimes loses them friends, especially as they themselves do not take criticism easily.
DogDogs are born under the sign of idealism, and as a result they are loyal and caring, hating injustice. They can be somewhat headstrong, and patience is not one of their strong points. Brave by nature, they do not shy away from danger. The dog is a complex person, and not easily categorised, and come in all shapes and sizes. They are strongly influenced by a sense of fairness and of equality, and are often found to be promoting social reform. Stubborn, watchful and often defensive, dogs find it hard to understand the general indifference people have to the wrongs of the world. They are quick to point out this fault, and to criticise our lack of concern for the world’s injustices. The dog’s main ambition is to please. The desire to please often leads the dog to periods of anxiety, worrying that they are not doing their best. What other people think is important to a dog, and this can also lead to anxiety, and they can become very pessimistic when things aren’t going well. Dogs are often materially successful, and can make large sums of money; however, their cares for the world often means that their wealth does not bring happiness, which is brought about by personal relationships.
PigAlso known as the Boar, the pig is a peace-lover, strong and straightforward. They can be seen as pure people who enjoy a quiet life. Although they can be quick to lose their tempers, they are just as quick to make up, forgive and forget. They are born under the sign of honesty. Although they have a bad reputation in the West, the pig is highly regarded by the Chinese. No other animal works harder or plays harder. Well informed and social, the robust and hearty pig loves company. Another great love is clothing. Pigs dress to impress, and are masters of power dressing in work situations. On the social scene, the pig is the trend setter, not being simply well dressed, but being impressively dressed. Despite their strong dress sense, pride in appearances does not always extend to the home! If pigs are messy in the home, then they are really messy. It is a strange trait of the pig that these two characteristics can run side by side. However, some pigs are just as flashy in their domestic set-ups as they are in their dress sense. Pigs are greater talkers, and love gossip. At the same time they ensure that their voices are heard in debates, though only after gauging their own position first: they will not generally offer their opinion first. Having voiced their opinion the pig will take the attitude, ‘take it or leave’ it, and again, is not really concerned with what others think. In romance, this trait is reflected with a tendency to fall in love very quickly, often before more self-conscious people would dare to reveal their feelings.
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Zodiac Archetypes
  • ♈ Aries: The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Combatant, The Freedom Fighter, The Defender, The Rescuer, The Worthy Opponent, The Dare Devil, The Adventurer, The New Born
  • ♉ Taurus: The Nature Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One, The Object of Passion, The Owner, The Temptress, The Artist, The Creator, The Banker, The Designer
  • ♊ Gemini: The Student, The Storyteller, The Gypsy, The Wander, The Journalist, The Trickster, The Comedian, The Child, The Writer, The Teacher, The Messenger
  • ♋ Cancer: The Healer, The Psychic, The Mother, The Invisible Man, The Maiden, The Witch, The Counsellor, The Seductress, The Psychologist
  • ♌ Leo: The Protector, The Warrior, The Artist, The Actor, The Ruler, The King, The Performer, The Golden Child, The Healer, The Prophet, The Magician, The King, The Queen, The Guardian
  • ♍ Virgo: The Healer, The Perfectionist, The Servant, The Analyst, The Alchemist, The Messenger, The Martyr, The Nature Spirit, The Naturopath
  • ♎ Libra: The Lawyer, The Counsellor, The Socialite, The Lover, The Peacemaker, The Creator, The Seductress, The Lover, The Flirt, The Minx, The Designer, The Mediator
  • ♏ Scorpio: The Mystic, The Alchemist, The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist, The Chemist, The Psychiatrist, The Witch, The Investigator, The Fortune Teller, The Guardian
  • ♐ Sagittarius: The Wanderer, The Tourist, The Teacher, The Guide, The Philosopher, The Psychiatrist, The Student, The Benefactor, The Comedian, The Free Spirit
  • ♑ Capricorn: The Old Soul, The Administrator, The Judge, The Mentor, The Prime Minister, The Father, The Entrepreneur, The Banker, The Wizard
  • ♒ Aquarius: The Revolutionary, The Scientist, The Eccentric, The Visionary, The Rebel, The Genius, The Outlaw, The Free Spirit, The Activist, The Inventor, The Alchemist, The Exile
  • ♓ Pisces: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Artist, The Poet, The Guide, The Guru, The Medic, The Healer, The Worshipper, The Creator, The Dancer, The Psychotic, The Addict, The Visionary
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Click here to find out which Disney Princess you are, according to your Sun Sign!

This is super cute! Which Disney Princess are you, according to you Sun sign? 

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February 2014 Monthly Horoscope Links

My favorite part of the month is the last few days, because the Astrologers that I most admire come out with their monthly horoscopes/predictions for each Sun sign. Here’s a link to the ones I regularly read:

  • AstroTwins:
  • Saturn Sisters for Elle UK:
  • Susan Miller from AstrologyZone:

I’ll be updating the list as new ones come out, so don’t forget to check back!

Useful Tip: Read your monthly horoscope for both your Sun and Rising sign. It captures a more accurate picture of your month ahead! 

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mazeoverlay asked:
Hello, I do appreciate all of your material. I'm a libra having issues with my pisces girlfriend of many years. Trying to mend things before her birthday. Things are complex and I know we are not fully compatible, but would you have any general advice that may help? Thank You

Look further into your respective birth charts. It’s not helpful enough to only know your Sun signs. When you are aware of, for example, your Venus and Mars signs, it’s easier to dissect the potential issues between you and provide advice. 

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pillowgirl asked:
Hi! im so excited for this new blog!! i have followed you on twitter for a while :) i have a question though.. where can i find a chart that shows my houses? the chart on cafeastrology showed "signs" in my houses.. not the planets. so i'm a little confused. thanks for any help!

Hey! Thank you for the support. You can usually go on or any website of professional Astrologers and do a birth chart there. You’ll have a wheel which shows you which planets are in which sign, according to your birth date, time and location. On the outside OR inside of the wheel will be numbers 1-12. Those are the “houses.” So, if you have Sun in #Pisces, check which number is assigned to it, like 7: Pisces Sun in 7th house.

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#Aquarius New Moon

If you’re interested… I found this on Terry Nazon’s Facebook page. Cool, huh?

"According to Space Weather, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, producing an eclipse that can be seen only from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory will record the 2.5-hour “lunar transit” beginning at 1331 UTC or 8:31 EST on Thursday, Jan. 30th. Tune into for pictures during the event.”

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AstroNews for January 30, 2014

There’s some fun stuff going on Astrologically today: 

  • It’s the last day of Venus retrograde. The planet of beauty and romance will be direct (forward motion) January 31 just before 4:00pm. So, if you’ve been dying to dramatically change up your look (like me), tomorrow’s the day to consult with a stylist, hair dresser or make-up artist. Overall, when Venus goes direct, things will just feel more lovely again, like your love life. It’s been a long 6 weeks… it’s time to put the glam back into your life!
  • Happy #Aquarius New Moon! It’s the second this month, which is a rare occurrence (often called a Black Moon). It’s also a Super Moon, a big event, literally, because of how close the Moon will be to Earth. Although, it’s not as noticeable as a Full Moon, it shouldn’t go unacknowledged. Brilliance will strike you today and even for the following few days; use this energy wisely! Check out your New Moon horoscopes to see how your Sun sign will be affected: (AstroTip: When reading a horoscope, read your Rising sign as well*)

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Happy birthday, #Aquarius! I hope that this year fulfills all of your wishes and dreams. Most importantly, I wish that it brings you enlightenment and self-love. 
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The Best Gift Ideas for Your #Aquarius' Birthday this Month:

Not every Sun sign wants the same gift. Find out what your sign wants for birthdays, holidays, special events:

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